I see this question posted on social media at least once a week - "What skills do clients want or what are the top skills they are looking for".

That's a great question if you're already in business and want to learn an in-demand skills set... BUT what about if you're trying to start your VA biz?

It's a bit more daunting since most people starting a business are tight on time + energy.

In this week's episode of the Virtual Assistant Tips, Tricks + Advice Podcast I'm sharing what I think you should focus on instead if you're still trying to launch your VA business.

Focus on what you can do NOW and then create a wait list for the "top skills" to learn when you have the time + space to do so.

Oh and here is the link to my Free Top 10 Skills e-book that I mention in this episode - you can use it as a reference for what you want to learn once you're up and running.  https://www.techiementortraining.com/top10-skills-sign-up 

I hope you'll listen and share your thoughts!

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Thanks for listening! 

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